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University of Southern California
Online therapy

The next generation in counseling and therapy services delivered online at your convenience.

USC Telehealth™ is a completely virtual counseling and therapy clinic that uses the latest online and video technologies to serve a diverse set of clients including adults, children, couples, families, and military personnel.

You can be connected with high-quality counseling and therapy providers from the comfort and security of your own home or private location. Like a "high-tech house call", the best therapy providers can now visit you in your home conveniently through your computer.

Services & Benefits

Services & Benefits …gain empowering life skills, achieve higher levels of satisfaction, and realize new successes in family, social, and work environments… (more)

How It Works

Services & Benefits …using your own computer you will be connected to a trained therapist just like a regular office visit… (more)
If you have an emergency or are in immediate danger, call: 911